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Why choose cooking as a team building event?

Cooking is usually an activity that is reserved for personal space with family or loved ones. It is reminiscent of life at home and therefore evokes other emotions that lead to professional barriers being broken down and enabling fantastic collaboration between colleagues. Cooking as a team building activity is more inclusive and a good method to weld a team together.


Cooking also gives participants practical skills and a practical experience that they can build into their daily lives by recreating healthy and tasty meals at home.



Our events can last from 2-3 hours to an evening or a whole day. They are completely flexible and built according to your needs, with a typical example below:


Welcome drinks and canapés.

A presentation of your host for the evening that goes through the menu.

You cook together in pairs or small groups.

We help you become gourmet chefs, where you prepare several different dishes from seasonal ingredients. 

After cooking, you sit down to eat and drink together.

Our events are managed entirely by our team of chefs and event managers;

We provide all the necessary equipment, and ingredients so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the day.



Kitchen Club, Herserudsvägen 1, 181 50 Lidingö.


Group sizes

Group sizes range from 6 to 40 people.


Customize your event

We can create tailor-made events to suit your company's requirements.

We have knowledgeable chefs and offer a whole range of different dishes. 

If you wish to drink bubble water, cider or soft drinks, this must be pre-ordered in connection with the booking. 

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Fill in the form and we will tell you more 


Fill in the form and we will tell you more 

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